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Precipitator Cable and Termination Kit Applications

Precipitator Cable Termination Kit

An electrostatic precipitator termination kit is a fly ash collection system, which is installed in a flue gas line to prevent fly ash from rising into the atmosphere. Cable is used to send the output voltage and current from the transformer-rectifier set to the precipitator high voltage grid.

Precipitator Cable Termination Kit Specifications

  • CONDUCTOR: Tinned copper concentric stranding per ASTM B-8 and B-33
  • INSULATION: System is a double permashield consisting of two extruded layers of high dielectric constant insulating material
  • SHIELD SYSTEM: Consists of twenty-four 14 AWG tinned copper concentric wires applied over an extruded semi-conducting layer. (4) OVERALL JACKET: Black polyethylene
  • STANDARDS: Designed for 150kV DC or 350kV peak to peak pulsating DC voltage in the MHz frequency range. Each finished length of cable on a shipping reel passes a one minute AC voltage test

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