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Nicomatic Connectors

The Nicomatic Connector CMM MICRO Series are 2mm pitch rectangular connectors which withstand extreme environmental conditions. These connectors are available for the following:

  • Board to Board
  • Board to Wire
  • Wire to Wire

A typical Nicomatic connector is available in either modular and hybrid mixed layout configurations. Also a combination of Low and High Frequency with a mixed layout of power contacts is available if required.

The available Nicomatic connector ranges available are:

  • CMM 100 1 row-2 to 25 low frequency contacts
  • CMM 200 2 row-4 to 50 low frequency contacts
  • CMM 220 2 row-4 to 60 low frequency or 15 high frequency or high power contacts
  • CMM 320 3 row- 6 to 120 low frequency or up to 20 high frequency or high power contacts
  • CMM 340 3 row-6 low frequency and up to 62 high frequency or high power contact

Nicomatic Connector