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Connector Catalogues

Connector Catalogues

Downloadable Connector Catalogues

Please click on the picture of the catalogue to view a copy. If you would like a hard-copy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ATEX Connectors

Atex Explosion and flameproof connectors qualified to ZONES 1\2 21\22. Supplied with from 2 to 143 crimp or solder contacts, these connectors can be used for such applications as Power/Control or

The standard shell material is hard anodized aluminium, and brass, stainless steel and titanium can be provided.

Quick mating and un-mating make this a very popular connector which can also be colour coded to aid identification.

Please contact us on TOPCOM@BTCONNECT.COM with your requirements.

HDE/HDS/EFP Series Connector Catalogue
EFP Series Connector Catalogue

RMP Connectors

RMP connectors are a single pole/high amperage range designed for use in SCR Drive Systems,Traction Motors,and Mud Pumps currently manufactured for the Oil and Gas Industries.

These are for use with cables of 313cm (159 square millimeters) and 777cm (394 square millimeters.

Typical power ranges are from 513 amps to 636 amps (dependant on temperature) and 916 amps to 1135 amps.

Simple design allows mating and un-mating without the use of tools.
For your requirements please contact TOPCOM@BTCONNECT.COM

RMP Series Connector Catalogue

Military Connectors

All well known ranges from MILC5015/MILC26482/38999 available from stock or on a short lead-time.

Manufacturers such as AB/AMPHENOL/ITT CANNON/SOURIAU are just a few names in our portfolio of manufacturers whose assembly houses furnish us with fully traceable stock.

Please contact us with your requirements at TOPCOM@BTCONNECT.COM

Top Components PDF
Top Components Connector Catalogue

Commercial Connectors

In addition to our Military Ranges we can now offer Commercial Connectors manufactured by:

  • 3M

Popular series such as Tuchel C16-1 range and Nicomatic 100/200 CMM Micro circular Types now all readily available. Please contact us with your requirements on: TOPCOM@BTCONNECT.COM

Top Components Linecard PDF